María Simó Front—end developer

María Simó Front—end developer. Sharp and passionate individual coding since 2019. Big fan of clean and expressive code, polished layouts and fine-grained interactions & animations.

As a developer, I want to grow horizontally. Expand my knowledge to become a well-rounded specialist and a valuable team player. As a former designer, I aim to champion the work of my colleagues to deliver a high quality product people enjoy using. As a woman, I hope to inspire others to follow a career in tech and explore new ways of leadership.

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Learning in public

Right Now getting into more advanced Typescript, testing and DX tooling.

Looking forward to learning more about the new frameworks ecosystem, specially Solid.


Since March 2021 I've been working at Z1, a Sevillian digital product agency. I mainly work with TypeScript, React, Apollo and GraphQL. I'm a manager of a front-end squad and team up with backend, product people, designers and clients. We work together in a remote and international context to craft beautiful web apps.

I worked for a year at Secuoyas. It was my first experience as a developer. I learned the processes involved in manufacturing digital products. I worked with Gatsby and Framer Motion to develop the website for its principal product.

In early 2020 I was a Teacher Assistant at Ironhack, for the Full-Time Web Development Bootcamp. My role there was to support the students and guide them to complete their tasks. But also to support them through the challenging experience the bootcamp is.


In October 2019 my life changed when I joined Ironhack as a student. For nine weeks I took in the fundamentals, the current practices and tools of contemporary web development. It was a thrilling, empowering experience on many levels. I approached learning coding by thinking as a designer, with empathy, strategy and care.

From 2015 to 2019 I managed Copón Studio along with my partner, where we learned everything by doing it. For almost five years, I was an entrepreneur, graphic and ui designer, marketing strategist, business manager, sales agent and accounting administrator at a local scale. This is the most important educational experience I’ve ever had.

Once upon a time, I studied Arts at the University of Granada. I also took a couple of web development and graphic design courses. I painted for many many years, I was an illustrator for children's books and I briefly worked as a concept artist for themed parks, but that was a long time ago.


Javascript, React, Typescript, NextJS, Gatsby, GraphQL, Apollo, CSS, Styled Components, Accessible & Semantic HTML, Storybook, Webpack, EsLint, Prettier, Jira, Terminal, Version Control, Figma and Adobe CC.

On my soft side, I am a creative-strong-willed-detail-oriented-optimistic-ever-learning-polite-and-occasionally-shy, damn-hard-working person.

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